Update: Special Features 3.0.3

This is a fairly major release for Special Features, particularly for those of you who develop skins for Kodi. This release brings a new Special Features media flag which is already being adopted by a few skin designers, support for custom thumbnails for content, and a fix for UTF-8 filenames. Additionally, we are pleased to report that several skins are now supporting Special Features officially! Officially supported skins are as follows:

Want to see official support in another skin? Let the author know!

Special Features is in the Kodi repo!

Special Features has officially been added to the Kodi repo! It’s been a long road (who are we kidding, it’s only been two months), but we’re super stoked to be able to announce that we’ve finally been approved and you can get Special Features from the official repo for both Kodi 17 & 18!

Check out Special Features in the official Kodi repo!

Special Features For Kodi

Special Features is our first official addon which brings new life to an old idea. Our Special Features addon scans your local or SMB library looking for Extras folders and creates a media library of bonus material you probably wouldn’t want cluttering up your normal libraries. All of this content is scanned into our custom database which is checked while browsing your existing media libraries. If any item you select has any extra media available, it adds an option to your context menu (or info dialog on supported skins). Additionally, Special Features can be used as a standalone video addon which lists all available movie and TV extras.


Visit our page on the official Kodi wiki to find out more!