Update: Special Features 3.0.3

This is a fairly major release for Special Features, particularly for those of you who develop skins for Kodi. This release brings a new Special Features media flag which is already being adopted by a few skin designers, support for custom thumbnails for content, and a fix for UTF-8 filenames. Additionally, we are pleased to report that several skins are now supporting Special Features officially! Officially supported skins are as follows:

Want to see official support in another skin? Let the author know!

Introducing Kasa Media

When the Special Features addon was first conceived, it was a one-person project. In the months since its inception, it has become a team project. Beyond that, it’s no longer our only product. In order to prepare for Kodi 18, we have added a separate package providing a Kodi bundle for PyMySQL. And… we have no intention of stopping there. We have long-term goals, some of which are pretty lofty.

Obviously, we will continue to write Kodi addons which enhance your media experience, but our products won’t be limited to just Kodi either. We aren’t quite ready to announce our first standalone product, but we promise that it will be well worth the wait! So stay tuned, check out our Special Features addon, and let us know what else you want to see or what would make your media experience better!

– Team Kasa